"It is possible that people need to believe that they are unmanaged if they are to be managed effectively."
John Kenneth Galbraith


“Alisdair’s talent for coaching stems from his profound creativity, his commitment to excellence and his awareness of possibility. As a coach, he intrinsically understands the forces that aid and impede accomplishment. He enables his clients to lead a life of self-exploration and my experience is that a ‘life examined’ is the greatest gift. For me, his insights have led me to new heights of self awareness and in turn, new life adventures. With his guidance, the seemly impossible is revealed as very possible and obtainable. Alisdair has helped me strive towards lightening my load, balancing the competing components of life, recognizing the ‘good works’ I relish and opening my ‘mind’s eye’ to living with meaning and searching for purpose. I would highly recommend Alisdair’s coaching services to anyone who seeks a trusted advisor on their life’s journey.”

Elizabeth Whiteford
Western Practice Lead - Strategy and Change Consultant,
IBM Global Business Services, British Columbia

"I enlisted the services of Alisdair Smith in the capacity of Executive coach. My time with Alisdair provided me with the insight and techniques that were integral in understanding the difference between management and leadership. The coaching sessions served to improve my self-awareness and the understanding of how my personal style could best be leveraged for personal success.

In my career I have attended countless courses, seminars and workshops. Although that type of professional development can be benefical and is often essential it really cannot compare to my experience with one on one coaching. My time with Alisdair provided immediate and sustained benefits and was not only fundamental to acquiring my immediate objective but also serves me well in my personal life.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to Alisdair… I strongly encourage others to take a close look at this most affordable and effective professional development option. I am confident they will benefit from their time spent there."

Kelly Thomas
CEO Grand Forks Credit Union, British Columbia


“Alisdair is the consumate professional. His skill is only surpassed by his integrity and command of the subject. If I ran a large comapny Alisdair would be a high level manager in my organization. I would trust him with any aspect of the business, he is that good. I have seldom seen anyone with this man's ability and prowess.”

Peter Henson
Grand Slam Consulting, Manitoba Facilitation
“Alisdair was the perfect facilitator for us: deep expertise and knowledge into the human side while able to blend, connect and provide value to young teams of professionals.”
Chris Dickin
Central1 Credit Union, British Columbia
“Alidair's work that he did for us was excellent. He helped us move forward with some issues which had been getting old. His sense of humour and presentation was appreciated. All of us have nothing but praise for the work he did.”
Gene Blishen
Mt. Lehman Credit Union, British Columbia
“Alisdair is a highly skilled professional facilitator who is able to challenge people to move beyond their comfort zones in a non confrontational way. Passionate about people and relationships and their impact on the situation at hand, Alisdair facilitates with humour; leaving people with immediately relevant learning and tools. A pleasure to work with.”
Donna Bailey
CuSource, Ontario
“Thank you for the energy ... You are the King of Facilitators”.
“…the best facilitator I ever heard, fun loving, knowledgeable, kept interest with activities/fun games and exercises. Thanks Alisdair, I enjoyed the … training and hope to work on incorporating many principles into my daily work life.”
“If I knew Alisdair would be giving another course in the future, I would definitely attend – enjoyed his methods.”
“[I]t was Alisdair's enthusiastic personality and strong delivery skills that quickly engaged the group, and kept us engaged for three full days. Use of real-life examples and role play helped cement the theory. All in all, it was a very worthwhile investment of time.”

Keynote Speaker

“Alisdair’s ability to draw upon a wide range of topics and sources, current and historical, and then bring it all together into a message that is relevant to the situation at hand, makes him a particularly engaging speaker and story-teller….”
Jane Osler
Principal & Director of Research, PJ Osler & Associates
“Alisdair is one of the most engaging individuals that I know. His great strength is the ability to see through tactical details and understand the strategic implications of a challenge or opportunity. More importantly, he values multiple perspectives and will use these perspectives to help individuals or teams tackle the challenges in a creative and fun way.”
Darcy Mykytyshyn
True Line Homes, Alberta
“Excellent presentation… personal touches and stories make it real life and relevant.”
“Thanks so much…. What a wonderful, thoughtful, smart day. The content was, of course, time honoured, and the presentation exact and inclusive, warm and probing. It was fun, inspiring and care-ful.”