"A human being who has not a single hour for his own every day is no human being."
Rabbi Moshe Leib of Sasov
Find passion in your work and discover the difference you can make in the world.
Alisdair is one of the most sought after coaches, facilitators and key note speakers in Canada. His mission is to support people in the vital work of changing their minds.
Alisdair works in four practice areas:

Keynote Speaking

Alisdair is a nationally known speaker who entertains and challenges audiences with real life stories, wit and wisdom. He is a master story teller, providing audiences with deep and profound lessons for work and life in the 21st Century.
“Alisdair’s ability to draw upon a wide range of topics and sources, current and historical, and then bring is all together into a message that is relevant to the situation at hand, makes him a particularly engaging speaker and story-teller….”



Alisdair is an internationally recognized facilitator who works with boards and senior management in a wide range of arenas; including strategic planning, brain-storming, material decision making and conflict resolution.
“Alisdair was the perfect facilitator for us: deep expertise and knowledge into the human side while able to blend, connect and provide value to young teams of professionals.”

Leadership Development Coaching

Alisdair is often hired by organizations to help individuals who want to move to the next level in their career, and need to focus on particular skills and competency development areas before they can successfully take on the added responsibilities.
 "My time with Alisdair provided immediate and sustained benefits and was not only fundamentalto acquiring my immediate objective but also serves me well in my personal life."

Life Coaching

Alisdair loves to work with individuals on their journey towards a balanced and fuller life. He uses a number of different proven and advanced processes and models in this work.
“Alisdair’s talent for coaching stems from his profound creativity, his commitment to excellence and his awareness of possibility. As a coach, he intrinsically understands the forces that aid and impede accomplishment. He enables his clients to lead a life of self-exploration and my experience is that a ‘life examined’ is the greatest gift”