"It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent; it is the species that is most responsive to change."
Sir Charles Darwin

Alisdair has nearly 20 years experience as a facilitator, supporting the work of teams, boards and work groups as they work through:

  • Vision, mission, values, deeper purpose
  • Teambuilding
  • Gaining clarity
  • Strategy & tactics
  • Blue Sky sessions
  • Team and board evaluation
  • Intra-team conflict

Why choose Alisdair as your facilitator?

As a facilitator Alisdair makes group work easier. He has extensive experience working with groups, and has built a strong national, and increasingly international, reputation as one of the best. He has worked side by side with the best over the years and is honoured to have worked with leaders and contributors from around the world.

Some of his most important work has been in helping teams and boards of directors work through challenging and difficult decisions and issues, such as intra-team conflict, dramatic change in direction, exit strategies, ethical dilemmas and fragmenting board/CEO relationships. That he is consistently invited back to work with these groups is a testament to the strength of the relationships that have been built and the successes these groups have enjoyed. He works with team members individually and as a whole team, to support their development and in their work to change their minds.

You can expect a clear, jointly built agenda, complete focus on the work, and on the unique needs of your group. Focused and productive meetings with engaged and involved participants, and results are guaranteed.