"Conservatism is the worship of dead revolutions."
Clinton Rossiter

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I had the great pleasure of facilitating a learning lab for about 120 physicians from all over North America this morning. I not only had fun, I learned a lot about some of the thinking in healthcare around relationships and how best to serve patients.  One common subject is the question of measurement and what gets included and what is not included in measurements and guidelines. One quote, from an anonymous Ontario Ministry of Health official caught my attention:  “Data is a campfire around which organizations huddle for heat and light. The irony is in the fact that neither the heat nor the light yield a solution. The solution emerges out of the huddling.”  My question for us all is how much huddling are we doing? Are the metrics we use telling us what we really need to know, and if we are not huddling with our teams, what data are we not including? I wish you a wonderful and provocative week, with lots of huddling!