"Learning faster than your competitors is the only sustainable competitive advantage in an environment of rapid change."
Arie deGues

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Good afternoon from AC 457 Ottawa to Toronto. I hope this note finds you well and working on what you are passionate about.

I'm enroute to Accra, Ghana to do some work with the credit unions there, and I'm so very excited about the adventure. I'm realizing that this will be a trip of firsts for me; first time in Africa, first time in a so-called developing country, and first time on an international project
I'm committed to making this trip about as many firsts as I can. I hope that it will then be trip of renewal and revitalization. Preparing for my meetings for today here in Ottawa, I thought of a first for me and ran around Parliament Hill from my hotel, once last night, and again this morning. I realized that the firsts, can be small or large, as long as they are firsts.

I commend this process to you. Try to find something, each day if possible, that is a first for you, and check in with yourself next week: how do you feel?, any new insights about your work, your family, or your inner self?

I'll check in next week, and let you know how I've done on my trip of firsts! (If it helps, feel free to email me to let me know how you've done on your week of firsts!)