"The little I know, I owe to my ignorance."
Sacha Guitry

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Good morning from a soggy Vancouver.  This weekend is holy for Christians. The remembrance journey from The Last Supper on Thursday night, to Jesus’ execution on Good Friday, the solemn silence of Saturday and the joy of Easter Sunday have been central to Christians for over 2,000 years.


And, as deeply spiritual and theological as the weekend is, it is also a great reminder for all of us of the leadership journey. Our role is to lead through endings, sadness, confusion, silence and reflection as well as celebration and joy. As a coaching client once said, “its not all lollipops and roses!”


The first key is to know that in the big picture, you cannot have Good Friday without Easter, nor can you have Easter without Good Friday. In other words, there will always be both challenge and opportunity, fear and hope. 


The second key is to know, that in the big picture, you are creating or enhancing good. That even in the dark times, the work is about moving yourself and your team to being great people even more than being great employees. Moving yourself and your team to doing the right thing, more often. And moving yourself and your team to making a positive difference for each other and for the people and communities we serve.



May this weekend, whatever your tradition be, a reminder that love always conquers fear.