"If you go to your grave without painting your masterpiece, it will not get painted. No one else can paint it. Only you."
Gordon McKenzie

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Greetings from the Northwest Coast of British Columbia, a lovely city called Prince Rupert. I sit, between meetings in my hotel room looking out over the deep water port and watching the mist circle the ships.


I’ve been thinking about the relationship between people and nature recently. Put another way, the relationship between ecology, literally ‘thinking about the household” and economy, literally “managing the household.” And I use the word relationship very intentionally here; they are one or the other questions, they are “both and questions.” As I look out over the water to the beautiful forested island across from my room, I cannot help but notice the giant container ship block part of my view. Both are important, both are vital aspects of our ecology and economy.


One strand of my thinking then is about the relationship between leadership and management. When we are thinking ecologically (thinking about the household/organization/team) we are thinking as leaders. It s about all of the connections and parts of the whole. It’s like thinking about the water, the forests, the people and the ships. When we are thinking economically we are thinking about the instant, the part itself, the elements themselves. Its like thinking about the ship alone. Both are important, both need to be deep in our practice as leaders.



So, I’m curious, where do you do most of your thinking? Ecologically or economically? Which one needs more attention in your practice as a leader these days?