"Conservatism is the worship of dead revolutions."
Clinton Rossiter

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Greetings from a rainy Vancouver, but the snowdrops are up and Spring is arriving. 


I had a very interesting conversation recently with a leader, and we were discussing feedback questions. For example, ‘what went well?’ what would be something you would change for next time?’ ‘What new ideas or insights have you had about this job?’


They said that in an organization they were once with, they used the metaphor of a rose. The questions became, “what bloomed for you?”, “what was a thorn for you?”, “what was a bud for you?”


I was so excited to hear this idea. And perhaps it wouldn’t work in your shop, but there are three important points underneath this kind of questioning;


  1. Feedback is best explored early, and with open questions about what the person doing the job is thinking. This helps them embed the learning and build new connections about the job. Ask more, tell less.
  2. Using visual metaphors is important as our brains are wired to see through our eyes and in our imaginations. What ever the best visual is for you and the person you are exploring feedback with, use it.
  3. The idea of new ideas, new possibilities is vital. Given that every brain is unique, we can use the power of new ideas to shift our own perspective and to see new ways to improve both efficiency and effectiveness.



So, this week, as more of your team, what bloomed, where were the thorns and what new buds are appearing for you?