"If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything"
Mark Twain

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Hello from New York City! My brain is full! I’ve just spent two days with my ‘tribe’ at the annual Neuroleadership Summit. An absolutely wonderful experience once more.


One profound insight, that has really got me wondering, came from a breakout group with a panel including Lisa Son, PhD. the chair of Psychology at Barnard College. https://barnard.edu/profiles/lisa-son Son argues that contrary to the worries of minds like Stephen Hawking about how AI was making computers more human, her worry is that we humans are becoming more valued as machines.


We were expected to be quick, predictable, manageable and low or no cost to the organization. We are expected to be confident and correct. She said, “have you ever met a humble robot?”


I am going to be very prescriptive here: assuming Dr. Son is correct, (and I am terrified that she is right) we are moving towards a new kind of slavery. Do everything in your power as leaders to stop, look at each person on your team, in your organization first and foremost as a human being, not a human doing. 


Here are three things to support you in this vital work:


  1. Every human brain is wonderfully creative, given even half a chance; created space for people to flex their brains.
  2. Every person has a complex story, give us opportunities to tell our stories and to listen to other people’s stories
  3. Take time every day to reflect on your own learning, and invite others to do the same. That way you will be more likely to value mistakes as opportunities to learn.



I wonder what you think? What connections are you making as you read these words?