"The four most important words in any organization: 'what do you think?'"
Dave Wheeler

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Greetings from beautiful Victoria, BC.  We’re here for a clergy conference, and the sunshine and cool breezes are steep competition to the conference! Part of me is hoping for rain tomorrow! :)


Working with my coach this week, uncovered an interesting bit of language. When we speak about coaching or leadership presence, what are we talking about? My coach, and these are his words, offered; “boundaries and clarity, no drama and deep compassion.”


As a leader, I am most present when all of us involved in the conversation are clear about the boundaries, we are not being triggered by our own ‘stuff’ in the conversation, or slipping into the drama about the problem, and we are recognizing that everyone, including the most apparently successful people in our workplaces, have deep wounds inside them. 


Many of our challenges as leaders occur when we are not present. They occur when we have not been clear about boundaries. They occur when we get triggered into drama, or when we are judging others, instead of listening and honouring them.


Boundaries and clarity, no drama and deep compassion. Sounds like some good work here for me. How about you?