"I was gratified to be able to answer promptly. I said I donÕt know."
Mark Twain

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Hello from a sunny and warm Vancouver! It is Pride Week here and festivities are in full swing. 


One of the big lessons I have learned from my LGBTQ siblings and niblings is the amazing power of the question, “who am I?” I have learned how exploring and celebrating who I am and whom I am becoming (appreciating that there are many levels to these questions), is a cornerstone of my own growth and development as a person. For me then, Pride Week celebrates self-awareness, and the call for all people, of every colour, creed, physical and mind ability, gender and sexuality to be able to appear in public without shame. 


It is a lesson for all of us. You are amazing, creative and beautiful. You are loved, just for being you.  You do not have to fit into someone else’s box, or hide from yourself and others in any closets.  And beautifully, you are continually growing. 


We face many dangers and perils in our lives. There is a fearsome wave building even now as so many of us are triggered to fight, flight, or freeze. The Foundation of the Universe keeps reminding us, “fear not.” The more self-aware, the more comfortable I am in my self, the less pushed and pulled by the waves of fear and hate I will be. I can stand firm knowing that as long as my actions are based in love, I will fear not. 



I have seen that loving courage in so many LGBTQ people. For teaching me this, I am eternally grateful. And Happy Pride.