"Cuando el caballo esta muerto, dejalo. [When your horse is dead, get off it.]"

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Greetings from New York, where it is summer. Not humid yet, but getting warm.

Working with my colleagues at the Neuroleadership Institute this week and loving every second of it. 

I'm sitting in an Italian restaurant and looking towards the front door, anticipating Michael Corleone's arrival. Yes it is that stereotypical in this restaurant. 

One of the most interesting insights about the brain is that no two brains are alike. For example while I see a scene from the Godfather movies here, you would like see something very different, sitting in my seat.

Three implications have come to mind for me.

1. I CANNOT know what you are thinking. We must always guard against "doing inventory" on our teammates.  If you are wondering what's going on for someone, the only option is to ask them.

2. We are far smarter together than as individuals. The collective power of the diverse minds in your team is immense. Got a problem? Gather these amazing minds together and facilitate their   collective work. You'll be amazed by the results.

3. Your route towards a desired outcome is just that; your route. When working with your team, focus on outcomes and results, rather than particular specific tasks. (Appreciating that there are regulatory requirements in some industries). As much as possible provide individuals the autonomy to work on the how, while you focus on results.

May this week be filled with moments of diverse brain power.