"It is impossible to learn and look good at the same time"
Julia Cameron

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In an earlier edition of Leadership Notes I wrote about zombies. http://www.alisdairsmith.com/index.php/leadership-notes/256-zombies


And walking to an evening meeting last night, I listened to a great podcast from CBC’s Ideas show http://www.cbc.ca/radio/ideas/the-coming-zombie-apocalypse-1.3288762


It got me thinking again about the people in our offices. As I wrote in that earlier piece, “And the same Zombie mentality is true of us as leaders in our team or department; are there zombies in the organization from your perspective? Could it be that accounting are zombies? Or HR, or maybe there are one or two people “no one likes” on your team. Be very careful of treating them as zombies and creating us and them situations. Instead, reach out, find common ground, talk things through, honouring each other’s perspectives and the potential to learn from and with each other.”


I’d like to take this one step farther, the divisive nature of our political zeitgeist needs to stop. Liberals or conservatives, what ever the party name, are human beings. We are our neighbours. The divisive nature of our business zeitgeist needs to change. Competition is good, it helps us thrive, but when we ‘other’ the competition, when we treat them as ‘enemy,’ as zombie, we start to destroy our own credibility.


To be the leader you can be, make sure that there is room in your heart and mind for everyone, not just the people who think and behave like you.


Because, in fact, zombies do not exist.