"Do not try to do the great things; do the little things with love."
Mother Teresa

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Good morning from San Francisco! I love this city. I’m here on a course called Brain Based Conversations with the NeuroLeadership Institute  (https://www.neuroleadership.com ) I have lots to talk about, and am learning lots of new things about neuroscience and how we might increase the effectiveness of our conversations at work and at home.


Of the many notes I made today, one stands out upon reflection. I wrote, “how do I speak to and about myself?” The question came up from one of the other participants, in the midst of a wide ranging and fascinating conversation in the classroom about the difference between a “fixed” mindset and a “growth” mindset. As the labels suggest, a fixed mindset is one where you “are” someone or something. For example, “I don’t swim, because I am not able to swim.” A growth mindset is one where you might say, “I don’t swim.... yet.” 


The comment again that struck me was, “how do I speak to and about myself?” Do I talk to myself, or about myself as static and unchanging, or do I talk to myself and about myself as someone who is growing, learning and becoming?



For me, this is a key question for all of us as leaders. If you are stuck in a fixed mindset, beware, the world will soon pass you by. Open yourself, be more vulnerable, and take a chance on a growth mindset. I’ll be curious to hear what you notice this week about how you talk to and about yourself.