"It is impossible to learn and look good at the same time"
Julia Cameron

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Good morning, another gorgeous day on the west coast. Summer is full swing. I trust the weather is co-operating wherever you are today.

I met last week with a group the included 5 young women, all students, on their way to parts of Africa, South East and South Asia to do human development work. All were going for different reasons, but with a common goal of helping to increase the health and well-being of local women.

I was then saddened by the violent death of 27 year old Neda Agha Soltan on a street in Tehran this weekend. (The video of the last 30 seconds of so of her life has gone viral.) I hope that as you speak with people in your offices and homes about this tragic death, you'll also remember that 5 other brave young women (and many many more every month) are embarking on their own journeys towards making a small difference in a very big world, in their actions, there is hope for us all.

Vietnam anti war activist William Coffin offered the following benediction that rings true to this day: may each one of us find the grace never sell ourselves short. May each one of us find the grace to risk something big for something good. And may each of us find the grace to know that the world is now too small for anything but truth and too dangerous for anything but love.