"Conservatism is the worship of dead revolutions."
Clinton Rossiter

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Good evening,

The Easter weekend is just about over and it has been a deep and touching one for me. It began last Thursday with the ancient liturgy of foot washing.

In the Christian texts, it is told that Jesus washed his disciples' feet at the Last Supper. This image of the rabbi washing his students' feet is important for us today on many levels, not the least being how we behave towards the people with whom we work.

I believe that much of the message in these ancient texts about servant leadership, and what is more servant leader-like than washing of people's feet, is missed. These ancient texts are not saying the I need to wash another's feet, rather that we are to wash one another's feet. We are to serve and to be served. We are to serve our neighbour and she or he is to serve us. Imagine what your workplace would look like if this reciprocal service was the norm?

This week, I hope that you are able to serve another person, and to be served by someone else. And to notice your response to them both. For it is by mutual and reciprocal service that we move forward, and keep learning and developing ourselves.

Have a great week.