"The four most important words in any organization: 'what do you think?'"
Dave Wheeler

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Good morning, I hope that this morning finds you well and doing and being
the best you can be.

I was reflecting the other day on preparing for work. I was reminded about
it as I put on my vestments for church on Sunday. Clergy in many kinds of
religious traditions will have some kind of dress that they put on in
preparation for leading worship including prayer shawls and stoles.  If you
watch someone put on a prayer shawl or stole, note how they kiss it as they
do. There are a number of reasons for this kiss, for our purposes I think it
marks the sacred moment at the beginning of participating in and leading

The question then became for me, how do I mark the sacred moment of
beginning to lead people in other parts of the week. Sure there might be a
transition as we commute, but is there a moment when you know, this is the
beginning: stepping off the elevator, firing up the computer, reaching for
your Blackberry? If you can find that moment, note it, mark it, recognize it
as sacred; it is the beginning of your responsibilities as a leader for that
day, it is the beginning of you using your gifts for the good of your people
for that day.

I urge you to find those sacred moments this week that mark the beginning of
your day as a leader. And may this week be filled with these and other
sacred moments for you and the people you care about.