"It is easier to get forgiveness than it is to secure permission."
Jesuit Principle

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Good morning all!

I trust all is well in your part of the world.

I was introduced to what I found to be a remarkable exercise for self-reflection by Barry Switzer of Erickson College. You'll need a very close friend or partner, someone who knows you very well. Step one is to ask this person the question "what are the "buttons" I have that you know you can push?"

Pay close attention to their answer. Once you have heard it, ask yourself, "what value is this button sitting on?, What is actually being pushed here?"

What many people find is two fold, one they enjoy a wonderful and revealing conversation with their friend or partner, and they discover that their response to the button pushing can change, once they are clear about what value is actually at play. More often than not, because the value is deep within you and has not necessarily been shared with the other person, for them, it's just a pet peeve they know to avoid. For you it may be something of great value to be explored. And once the underlying reason for that button has been uncovered, you may find it doesn't get pushed anymore. What might be the impact on your team and family if you had one less button getting pushed?

May this week be filled with uncovered values and deep conversation with a loved one for you.