"Your thinking becomes your script. Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it."

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As is often the case, I was inspired for today's article by a conversation. Talking about the issues facing a work team, a leader was concerned about how the common ground between issues was being missed, and as such resources were being used to "fix" one issue, and just as that was dealt with, another issue popped up.

This reminded me of a most interesting biological piece of trivia. The largest living thing in the world is not a blue whale or an elephant, but is most likely a mushroom. Living in eastern Oregon the mushroom covers some 2,200 acres underground. (I appreciate the Great Barrier Reef in Australia may be larger, but this is a single organism). The mushroom, called, Armillaria ostoyae, maybe over 7000 years old. And it's only visible parts are small shoots, mushrooms, that break through the surface.

The thinking point is clear, when as a leader we look at a particular issue, it often helps to go below the surface, what is feeding the issue? There may be a deep and wide ranging common issue to a number of smaller frustrations you and your team face. And if you can identify the underlying mushroom, you may well find it has been living in your organization for a very long time.

Keep this huge mushroom in mind as you face your day to day problems. It may well be where you need to address some resources.

Hope this week gives you an opportunity to unearth something in your organization.