"Learning faster than your competitors is the only sustainable competitive advantage in an environment of rapid change."
Arie deGues

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Good morning  all, from AC 236 enroute to Edmonton. I trust that your Easter weekend was filled with people and activities that fed your soul, and that you had ample opportunity to laugh and enjoy your self with family and friends.

I had an interesting moment on Easter Monday, while I was out for a run. My ipod was on shuffle and the song, It's Only Rock n Roll( But I Like It), by the Rolling Stones began to play. A classic Stones' tune, it is famous for it's great "sing a long" kind of chorus, but perhaps more importantly, for the now classic sound of Keith Richards' rhythm guitar for the first time on this track, twinned with Ronnie Wood, playing 12 string acoustic guitar.

I was reflecting as I ran and listened that this band was in many ways an interesting example of a very successful organization. Founded in the early 1960's they still thrive in 2010. While some changes have occurred in the line-up, the core of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and drummer Charlie Watts still  work together well into their 60's. (And of course there is a delicious irony to the fact that Keith Richards, one of the icons of debauchery and over indulgence of our society is being identified as a model in this way! I wonder what he would say if he knew?) What strikes me as most important though is their apparent commitment to a particular purpose. I'm loathe to suggest that It's Only Rock n Roll (But I like It)  is entirely  analogous with the idea of an organization's "deeper purpose," and yet, there is something at play there. These men have stuck to a purpose, a clear and unalduterated commitment to being the best rock 'n' roll band in the world. And look to what that commitment has done: billions of listeners and concert goers entertained, millions of musicans inspired, thousands of people employed over the years, and billions of dollars in revenues and expenses driven through this small group of people.

It's Only Rock and Roll (But I Like It) is at some level then, an anthem for the organization Rolling Stones Inc. I wonder then as leaders, what is your organization's anthem, what is your organization's purpose? what are you doing, or who are you being around your personal deeper purpose? what difference are you making in the world?

I hope this week brings you fun, challenge, and an opportunity to practice doing what you love most.