"I am human, only because you are human."
African Proverb/Allan Boesak

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Good afternoon, and I trust that you are enjoying the summer season. I was thinking recently about creativity.

There is a powerful choir of voices in theological circles that argue that the universal reason for existence of all life is "creativity." Harvard academic Gordon Kaufman is one such voice whose book, "In the beginning, Creativity" plays on the opening lines of the Christian text attributed to John, "In the beginning was the Word."

What happens to the way we frame our world when we imagine that it exists to conceive, birth, nurture, develop, and honour creativity? I suggest that under such a frame, creativity moves from being a hobby to being a vital part of our very being. And our one of our key responsibilities then is to ensure that not only are we living a creative life, but that the people in our organizations (and our families) are living a creative life as well.

A creative life is one that transforms, challenges, creates, engages, records, re-arranges, and re-generates, to use only a few of the many words possible. You are responsible for living a creative life for yourself, and for as many people as you touch.

May it be so for you and for all of the people in your life.